How to be a programmer in 10 days

How to be a job ready programmer in 10 days.

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Let’s start

 Day 1 (6 hours)

1:Learn Data Structures and Algorithms

You can learn Data Structures and Algorithms very easily in 1 day.You can learn Data Structures and Algorithms very easily in 6 hours.  You can take the help of YouTube to learn Data Structures and Algorithms, otherwise you can join premium courses.

Day 2 (everyday)

2: Start doing competitive programming

From the second day you can join competitive prog or competitive material.  From the second day onwards, you will have to do this thing for 10 consecutive days.  You have to pay more attention to the competitive and try as much as you can, join online only.  Well you have to do it continuously for 10 days.  You can learn this very easily too.

Day 3 (python)

3:(Python) Learn TensorFlow

Now on the third day you have to learn Python, which Python is very important.  The first thing you can learn in Python for a programmer is TensorFlow.  The use of TensorFlow is very much, you can become a part of a programmer by learning TensorFlow well.

Day 4 (2 hours) 

4:Learn to train big ML models 

On the fourth day you have to learn the model of machine learning.  How machine learning is trained and how machine learning works.  You have to learn this in 2 hours on the fourth day.  You can also learn this very easily in 2 hours.  Machine learning is very important in today’s date.  Both robotics and machine learning work together.

Dya 5 ( 2 hours )

5:Get friendly to WordPress

Friends, now you know how word press works and how to design a website on wordpress.  You can learn Get Friendly to WordPress in 2 hours on the fifth day.  In 2 hours you will be able to design a good wordpress.  You will find a free course on WordPress YouTube for you.  Otherwise you can also join premium courses.  You have to learn WordPress.  You can also learn this very easily in 2 hours.

Day 6 (2 hours)

6:Create a project random

Friends, now you will have so much knowledge that now you can work on a project.  You have to work for continue on the 6th day.  You have to focus on the project.  You can create just about anything on your project.  You can design your project at random.  It is very important for you to create a project because projects is your hard work knowledge .  You can make the project very easily in 2 hours.  It is very important for you to create a project.  You will have enough knowledge that you can make a project.You can make face scanner and either you can make any other tool in your project in starting?

Day 7 ( 3 hours )

7:Create resume

Friends, now in these 6 days you will be ready for a job.  Now when you are ready for the job, you have to make a resume in the seventh day.  You will have to spend full 3 hours to create a resume which should make your resume look absolutely attractive and the impression should be very good so that you will get the job immediately.  You have to do this on the seventh day, but make sure your resume looking so attractive .

Day 8 ( Relevant)

8:Find the job on Glassdoor

Friends, you have learned Data Structures and Algorithms.  You also learned competitive prog.  You also learned Python.  Also learned transflow in python.  Now you have learned everything that you are.  Also learned WordPress and made a resume.  Now you have to find your job on the eighth day which you will find on the Glassdoor website.  This is a very trusted website.  You can find jobs with a good package by uploading your resume here, but before find the job make sure you are prepared for job because they are check the your resume and then connect with you for interview.

Day 9 ( 4 hours)

9:Improve communication skills

After learning everything you will be a very important school learner on the 9th day which is communication skill communication skill is very important.  Even if you are ready for a job.  Whether you want to start a startup, whether you are a student or whether you are a businessman.  Communication skill is very important.  You can practice and do courses to learn communication skills.  You can get into that field by learning professional communication skills the way you like.  You improve it daily and practice daily.

Day 10 ( 4 hours )

10:Keep upgrading yourself

You have gained some significant knowledge for 9 days straight. Presently you need to stay loose for the 10th day. You need to keep yourself loose and remain even headed. You must be positive generally and be however sure as you seem to be. You will come by improved outcome. Regardless of the amount you learn, you need to remain positive. You can’t accomplish anything without positive, so redesign yourself. continue to overhaul yourself.

You need to zero in on these ten places and have confidence in yourself that indeed, I’m a developer and I can make a decent program. On the off chance that you preferred this article, if it’s not too much trouble, follow us and offer this article of our own, by remarking on your virtual entertainment handle and tell on which subject you want information and on which point you want data. You should tell us by remarking Many thanks!

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